Gin Tropez
Feel the summer in your glass
Gin Tropez is a floral gin with a bouquet of lavender and other herbs. Gin Tropez takes you between the beautiful lavender fields and gardens in Ramatuelle. During the distilling process, the focus was on finding a balance between the spirit, juniper and lavender. To bring more balance, we opted for some additional herbs that make us long for Sain-Tropez even more. Mainly caraway seeds, a little coriander and angel root, the other botanicals remain a local secret in Saint-Tropez.

Perfect Serve

5 cl of Gin Tropez in a wide and chilled glass. Take a premium, neutral tonic (Mediterranean tonic van Fever-Tree or the Mallorcan tonic van Franklin & Sons) Finish your Mediterranean gin tonic with a lime or lemon. Or even a sprig of lavender. Summer in your glass, delicious!

Serveer met Tonic

Saint-Tropez in a bottle. Distilled botanicals chosen for the ultimate taste! 

Natural herbs

Drink with family and friends to relax, catch up and enjoy some drinks in the sun. Experience one of our gins or gin cocktails all handcrafted from the distillery next door.

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